TOC- Happimetrics

I What Creates Happiness and Groupflow?

I.0 Converting “Human Resources” to Creative Swarms

I.1 An Algorithm for Happiness

I.2 What is Groupflow?

I.2.1 Flow and Groupflow

I.2.2 Getting into Groupflow

I.2.3 The Yin and Yang of Groupflow - No Pain No Gain

I.2.4 Success is the Capability to Suffer

I.2.5 Groupflow Needs Both Similarity and Diversity

I.3 The Influence of Emotions on Communication

I.3.1 How can we reduce stress?

I.3.2 Emotions and Ethics

I.3.3 Happiness and Kindness

I.3.4 What can we do to be liked?

I.3.5 Kindness is more than being nice

I.3.6 Personality Characteristics that increase happiness and longevity

I.4 Entanglement is more than collaboration

I.4.1 Characteristics of Entangled Organizations

I.4.2 How to Create Entanglement Between Individuals

I.4.3 Swinging in Flow – Synchronizing Like a Jazz Musician

I.4.4 Entangled Teams Share the Same Emotions

I.4.5 Sharing Facial Expressions

I.4.6 Sharing the Same Language

I.4.7 Negative Entanglement

I.5 Virtual Tribes Dominate Our Daily Lives

I.5.1 Ethics and Moral Values and Attitudes to Risk

I.5.2 Emotional Reactions Indicate Your Tribe

I.5.3 Beeflow, Antflow and Leechflow

I.5.4 Beeflow Starts in Childhood

I.5.5 The Emergence of Collective Consciousness

I.5.6 Collective Energy

II How to Measure Happiness and Groupflow

II.1 AI makes Happiness Measurable by Aggregating the Wisdom of the Crowd

II.1.1 Measuring Interactions

II.2 AI-Based Interaction Analysis between Humans (and other Living Creatures)

II.2.1 Data Collection

II.2.2 Converting Raw Communication Data to Discrete Mathematical values

II.2.3 Obtaining “Ground Truth” for Human Characteristics

II.2.4 Machine Learning and Time series analysis

II.2.5 Respecting Individual Privacy is Key

II.3 Measuring Social Network Structure

II.3.1 Creating a Virtual Mirror of My Own Mailbox

II.3.2 Sample Network Analysis in a Corporate E-Mail Archive with Griffin

II.3.3 Measuring Networking Dynamics

II.4 Measuring Emotions

II.4.1 Measuring Emotions from Body Signals

II.4.2 Measuring Emotions from Facial Expressions

II.4.3 Measuring Emotions from Voice

II.4.4 Measuring Emotions from Words

II.4.5 Measuring Emotions in Meetings

II.5 Measuring Influence through New Word Adaptation

II.6 Measuring Tribes

II.6.1 Measuring the Tribes of Bees, Ants, and Leeches

II.7 Measuring Entanglement

II.8 Building a Social Compass

II.9 Animals and Plants Provide a Social Compass

III How to Optimize Happiness and Groupflow

III.1 Inovent: Insight – Oversight – Entangle

III.2 Insight: Virtual Mirroring

III.2.1 The 3 inovent Steps of Virtual Mirroring for Moral Behavior

III.2.2 Using Social Compass for Virtual Mirroring

III.2.3 Increasing Happiness by Virtual Mirroring with the Happimeter

III.2.4 The virtual mirror is not about me, it is about the others

III.3 Oversight: Seek the Pain - Create Positive Stress

III.4 Entangle: Synchronize

III.4.1 Creating COINs

III.4.2 Six Steps to Become an Entangled Team Member

III.4.3 Three Steps for Building Entangled Organizations

III.5 “Bee in Flow”

III.5.1 Can we turn leeches into bees through virtual mirroring? – three case studies

III.6 From Collective Intelligence to Collective Wisdom


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