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III.4 Entangle: Synchronize

III.3 Oversight: Seek the Pain - Create Positive Stress

III.2.4 The virtual mirror is not about me, it is about the others

III.2.3 Increasing Happiness by Virtual Mirroring with the Happimeter

III.2.2 Using Social Compass for Virtual Mirroring

III.2.1 The 3 inovent Steps of Virtual Mirroring for Moral Behavior

III.2 Insight: Virtual Mirroring

III.1 Inovent: Insight – Oversight – Entangle

II.9 Animals and Plants Provide a Social Compass

II.8 Building a Social Compass

II.7 Measuring Entanglement

II.6.1 Measuring Tribal Affiliations of the Bee-, Ant-, and Leechflow Tribe

II.6 Measuring Tribes

II.5 Measuring Influence through New Word Adaptation

II.4.5 Measuring Emotions in Meetings