III.2.2 Using Social Compass for Virtual Mirroring

The technology to build this virtual mirror is based on the Social Compass introduced in chapter II.8, by analyzing communication activities of individuals embedded in social networks, and showing them the consequences of their communication behavior (see Figure 60). This analysis starts with taking a survey measuring the moral values (see Figure 11). Figure 62 illustrates the my-selfie view of the Social Compass virtual mirror on the smartphone.

The virtual mirror can also be aggregated on the departmental level. This gives organizations a privacy-respecting way to measure and visualize employee satisfaction and communication behavior.  Figure 67 illustrates the virtual mirror for a fictional organization made up of the three departments TI, marketing, and sales. 

Figure 67. Web based virtual mirror comparing the Honest Signals for the three departments IT, Marketing, and Sales

The virtual mirror uses the AI tools described in sections I.5 and II to calculate the honest signals of each person based on their communication archive. It also aggregates individual information on the department, project, customer, and location level. It gives individual and aggregated feedback on how well a person or department is doing compared to the peer group, and what the person or department can do to change their communication behavior for better outcomes. For instance, once I realize that spending time with a particular person will make me unhappy, I will initiate change, by either helping the particular person to change her behavior, or by avoiding her altogether. Similarly, if in a business setting, I know that customers will be more satisfied if they get honest answers in a timely fashion, and I have been slow in my answers, and have used overly positive language, I will adjust my behavior to respond honestly in a timelier way. Likewise, if I am told that my communication style comes across as overbearing and dominating and I am suppressing the creativity of my teammates, I will change my behavior to be humbler and more team oriented. Also, if I realize I am not engaged with my team members, I might change my behavior to respond to individuals directly and more rapidly to become more entangled with the team.

Virtual mirroring brings real results in the corporate world. In a project with a global service provider, we collected anonymized e-mail data for 24 of their large customer accounts out of a total of 250 accounts. Each account was providing services such as payroll processing or call center services to a large customer such as for example Bank of America or Pfizer with dozens to hundreds of workers. The account leader at the service provider got virtual mirror information similar to the one shown in Figure 67. At the same time the satisfaction of the customers was measured using Net Promoter Score, a metric that asks customers how likely they are to recommend their service provider. After eight months of virtual mirroring, the 24 accounts exposed to virtual mirroring of their e-mail showed a significant improvement in customer satisfaction, increasing the contentment of their customers by 18 percent compared to the other non-mirrored accounts.


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