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Where to buy the Happimetrics book

The Happimetrics book just came out with Edward Elgar, you can get it here  from the publisher, or here from Amazon. Chapter 1 is available online for free here

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TOC- Happimetrics

III.6 From Collective Intelligence to Collective Wisdom

III.5.1 Can we turn leeches into bees through virtual mirroring? – three case studies

III.5 “Bee in Flow”

III.4.3 Three Steps for Building Entangled Organizations

III.4.2 Six Steps to Become an Entangled Team Member

III.4.1 Creating COINs

III.4 Entangle: Synchronize

III.3 Oversight: Seek the Pain - Create Positive Stress

III.2.4 The virtual mirror is not about me, it is about the others